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Architects, Engineers, Planners, Consultants - SDB Consultants Pvt Ltd

We provide Architectural services for residential, institutional, commercial and recreational spaces. We also furnish services in Urban Planning, Interior Design, Adaptive Reuse, Project Management, Planning, Design & Construction.

Stein, Doshi & Bhalla was an Architecturalfirm that started in the mid fifties in Delhi and blossomed into a very prestigious practice. Well know for the creation of several landmark projects like India International Centre, The Ford FoundatioHeadquarters, Srinagar Confer-ence & Convention Centre and many others. The office, in its present form is SDB Consultants Pvt. Ltd., headed by one of the founder Architects, Padma Shree, Dr. Jai Rattan Bhalla. He is one of the most celebrated architects in this country and abroad.

All through this period, while undergoing organi-zational changes, the large variety of projects suc-cessfully accomplished by this office demonstrat-ed an underlying common theme, characterised by an optimum use of natural materials finished with meticulous details.A support staff of 20 mem-bers covering almost all the architectural and en-gineering disciplines enables a comprehensive & well-coordinated approach, covering all aspects of Planning, Design, Construction, On- Site Super-vision and Consultation.


Our goal consists of creating an Architecture which gives equal emphasis on form and function and creating an environment conductive to comfort and well being of the users. In our endeavour to achieve this, we strike a balance between budget constraints and adoption of new technologies, conservation of resources like power and water and treatment of atmospheric and subsoil pollution.